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Jumana Saleheen

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CRU Economics provides an independent view of the global economy. Our macro forecasts feed into all our analysts’ commodity market outlooks and into all our cost models, offering transparency and consistency across all the markets that CRU covers.

The Economics team at CRU focuses on where macroeconomics meet commodities. In other words, we aim to study the influences of the wider economy on the sectors and countries that matter most to our customers in the metals, mining and fertilizer industries.

Our team’s expertise in analysing the global economy, combined with the intelligence we receive from our offices around the globe, provides unparalleled depth to our understanding of how macroeconomic developments affect commodity markets worldwide. CRU Economics regularly engages with customers to provide personalised commentary on macroeconomic issues. 


Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist

We strive to make our methodologies and views as transparent as possible to maintain trusting relationships with all our customers.

Jumana Saleheen Chief Economist

Quarterly Cost Macro report
Our Quarterly Cost Macro report, sets out our forecast of key cost drivers –including fuel, freight and labour. We also provide extensive coverage of exchange rate forecasts for more than 30 countries, a crucial determinant of mine and plant cost competitiveness.

Global Economic Outlook
Our monthly Global Economic Outlook includes our 5-year forecast of GDP, IP, exchange rates and oil prices for the global economy and for major countries and regions. We place greater emphasis on prospects for the construction and auto sectors, and on China, the largest consumer of global commodities. Twice yearly we also prepare a long-term forecast which extends to 2050.

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China to announce more than RMB 5tn of stimulus

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Meet the team

  • Jumana Saleheen

    Chief Economist London
  • Anissa Chabib

    Economist London
  • Ross Cunningham

    Senior Cost Economist London
  • Ippolito Tarabini

    Economist London
  • Yingrui Wang

    Economist London

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